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Strategic Storyteller: Content Marketing in the Age of the Ed Par : Jutkowitz Alexander
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A content marketing framework grounded in real-world research The Strategic Storyteller: Content Marketing in the Age of the Educated Consumer provides an insightful guide to content marketing for today's audiences. Using research from over twenty years of experience across political polling and marketing, author Alexander Jutkowitz shares a practical framework for making content marketing work. Your customers are smarter than ever before, and can easily see straight through the type of lazy or disingenuous "content" that tarnished the reputation of this truly effective strategy. By creating the right type of content tailored to your market, you can deliver results that surpass your goals but this book is more than just content creation, it's a one-stop guide for a total content marketing strategy. You'll learn what works and what doesn't, what your customers want, and the best way to deliver it while building the consumer relationship of your organization's dreams. In a world of increasing transparency, where information is only a click away, the new media is giving voice to those who otherwise may not be heard.
The heart of content marketing lies in the desire to share knowledge with audiences directly and with the tools at our disposal today, it's never been easier to connect with those who want to hear what you have to say. This book shows you how to design, build, and implement an effective content marketing strategy that connects and engages your customer. * Learn how and why content marketing works * Produce the right type of content to reach your market * Expand your reach through smart content tips * Apply the rules of perception to content marketing strategy While traditional marketing budgets are shrinking, content marketing budgets are blooming with good reason. The Strategic Storyteller: Content Marketing in the Age of the Educated Consumer provides a clear framework for leveraging knowledge into revenue, year after year.
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Numéro de produit : 408253
Éditeur : JOHN WILEY
Année de parution : 09 août 2017
ISBN : 9781119345114