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Your Score : An Insider's Secrets to Understanding, Controlling, Par : Davenport Anthony
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The most comprehensive insider’s look at whatevery consumer needs to know about their credit score—and most importantly, howto fix it

If you, like so manymillions of Americans, are terrified by the daily headlines regarding Equifaxand identity theft, and how all of this can directly affect your basic creditscore, then this book should be considered as mandatory reading. 

Like it or not, a healthy credit score is essential if youwant to participate in today’s financial world. But very few people actuallyunderstand how their credit score is determined. Worse yet, most don’t know howtheir score is used by all kinds of companies and banks to dictate financialterms that will strongly affect their daily lives.

When consumers interact with the world of credit, they do sofrom a position of weakness. In Your Score, Anthony Davenport aims to change that. Finally, here isa road map for navigating the confusing world of consumer credit. Drawing onthe real stories of his own firm’s high-profile clients, as well as the storiesof middle-class Americans, he reveals the hidden credit pitfalls that awaiteven the most careful consumer and shares smart strategies to avoid them. 

An accessible but detailed manual, Your Score finally letsreaders take control of their credit score, understand how to play the game,and gain an insider’s knowledge of how to better navigate the most importantfinancial decisions of their lives.

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Prix membre : 24,80 $
Prix régulier : 31,00 $
Numéro de produit : 447478
Année de parution : 09 janvier 2018
ISBN : 9781328695277